CATRICE is sold in 80+ countries


Over 90% of our products come from Europe


From now on, 100% of CATRICE products will be made exclusively from vegan ingredients.

100% cruelty free (according to EU law)

With its products, Catrice brings small highlights into everyday life that beautify it and help to rediscover yourself.

In addition to the standard range, which offers the perfect selection for the daily make-up routine for every individual taste, Catrice is popular with many consumers for its LIMITED EDITIONS.

With the steadily growing Clean Beauty range , the brand also offers products that meet particularly strict standards: The Clean Beauty products contain at least 75% natural ingredients, have the shortest possible INCI list and do not contain parabens, PEGs, silicones, microplastic particles, minerals or raw materials of exotic origin.

From Runway to Shelves

CATRICE is a premium quality cosmetics range that brings ultra-glam products to you at a fraction of the price. Taking its inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world, CATRICE brings the most sizzling trends from the runway to the shelves.


Trendy High Quality

With CATRICE, there’s always something new to discover: their in-house Trend Division develops up to 14 make-up collections every year, bringing you their interpretations of every season’s must-have look. With its finger on the pulse, CATRICE is driven to provide a wide-range of colours, styles and formulas that capture every trend as it emerges. This is a brand that won’t settle for anything less than high-quality ingredients, luxurious textures, and innovative formulas.

We all want to experiment with looks, not with animals.

We want to break new ground, create new colours. But we prefer to stay on the safe side with our ingredients.

We believe that make-up should make you happy.

And we’re only happy if we don’t harm anything or anybody. We work on this every day.